Strange Horizons

      The poem Witch Trails appears in Strange Horizon April 2019     Poem     Podcast          


Dreams & Nightmares 111

      The poem Waiting for Gretel appears in Dreams and Nightmares 111 edited by David C. Kopaska-Merkel       Dreams and Nightmares 111 (January, 2019)   Contents     Allen K. cover From the Brain Stem Denny Marshall, Four-legged Alien Holly Lyn Walrath, An Unknowing Breach of the Law Lauren McBride, "New... Continue Reading →

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review

      The poem Castle, Rook, and Raven appears in Songs of Eretz Poetry Review MARCH/APRIL 2019 "FANTASY & FAIRYTALE" ISSUE.   Like ‘Lost Palace, Lighted Tracks’ in Eye to the Telescope 33 this is a chess themed poem, but this time based on an Arthurian legend.       Table of Contents A... Continue Reading →

Eye to the Telescope April 2019

      The poem Lost Palace, Lighted Tracks appears in Eye to the Telescope Issue 32 • April 2019 Sports and Games edited by Lisa Timpf Table of Contents Editor’s Introduction • Sports and Games • Lisa Timpf The Briar Witch • Colleen Anderson The Ashes, 3150 A.D. • PS Cottier 2074 Hall of Fame Game • David E. Cowen ground-breaking... Continue Reading →

Riddled with Arrows 3.1 “Libraries & Bookstores”

My poem Books Bought & Souled  appears in Riddled with Arrows  3.1 The Spring 2019 issue of Riddled with Arrows has launched! Featuring poetry, fiction and visual art by Sandra Anfang, F.J. Bergmann, Diane Callahan, Courtney Cook, Joe Cottonwood, Steve Denehan, Bryan D. Dietrich, Rhonda Eikamp, R.G. Evans, Michael J. Galko, Robbie Gamble, W.R. Gilmour, Lois... Continue Reading →

Spectral Realms No. 10

      Bathysphere appears in Spectral Realms No. 10       ·         A Weird Poetry Journal ·         Edited by S. T. Joshi ·         Cover art: “Chiron’s Burden - Pleiades Children” by Kim Bo Yung ·         Cover design by Daniel V. Sauer ·         No. 10 (Winter 2019) ·         152 pages ·         ISBN TBD ·         ISSN... Continue Reading →

Eye to the Telescope January 2019

      Nine to Camalodunum appears in Issue 31  of Eye to the Telescope January 2019 Crossroads edited by Heather Moser       In the Roman province of Britannia, during Boudicca’s rebellion of 61 AD, a detachment of the Ninth Legion (Hispania) marched from Lincoln (Lindum Colonia) to relieve the city of Colchester... Continue Reading →

Rivet issue 15: Beneath the Ice

      Rivet 15 Since 2014, Rivet Journal has published authors from around the U.S. and the world. From first-timers to award-winners, Rivet brings together some of the most exciting writers working today. In each issue, you’ll find writing that revels in the unexpected and rewards with imagination and insight. Rivet also publishes provocative visual and... Continue Reading →

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