Curiouser Magazine

Curiouser Magazine is a bi-annual literary journal founded in September 2020 by Thomas Bailey. It was created out of a love for intriguing short fiction that explores – by fantastical means – what it is to be human. My poem ‘The Chemistry of Painted Ships’ appears in Curiouser Magazine

The Alchemy Spoon – The Spell Issue

My poem ‘Stinkhorn’ appears in The Alchemy Spoon the poem based on the mushroom of the same name, also known as ‘witches’ eggs’ and is a bit influenced by the Onion Poem from the Exeter Book of Riddles.


My poem ‘Gate of the Gods’ appears in the candlemas 2021 edition of Lovecraftiana Rhymed, strictly metered and narrative,    Also featuring stories, poetry and art by:Josef DesadeFrancis ErdmanGlynn Owen BarrassDavid A RileyM SternG LargeBryn ForteyMatt SpencerDean WirthSteven J. AlvarezMatthew WilsonMichael BalletiJames Toeken

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