Mirror Dance

My poem, ‘October’s End’, Has been published in Mirror Dance. http://www.mirrordancefantasy.com/2021/01/octobers-end.html The poem  lays out a landscape of history and memory. When I was eighteen, and an art student, I walked everywhere. Life had a rhythm of spending the days painting and the evenings in country pubs and that life persisted for perhaps three or... Continue Reading →

Sylvia Magazine

My poem ‘Buckholt Wood’ appears in the on-line magazine ‘Sylvia’ at http://www.sylviamagazine.com/ This is about memories of walking from Brockworth to the Black Horse at Cranham through the woods in the rain. To the  south of Coopers Hill you pass the Buckholt and Buckholt wood.  The landscape has been sculpted by human inhabitants over thousands... Continue Reading →

It Came from Miskatonic University

My short story ‘Mowbray’s Museum’ is included in the anthology ‘It Came from Miskatonic University’ from Broken Eye Books and edited by Scott Gable & C. Dombrowski Modern tales of good ol' MU! Each story shows a slice of college life at this storied and magical institution, steeped in the occult and part of the... Continue Reading →

Air: Sylphs, Spirits, & Swan Maidens

      Air: Sylphs, Spirits, & Swan Maidens     Edited by Rhonda Parrish       Whimsical, Inquisitive, Quick-Witted   Air is essential for life. The need for air is so important that breathing is instinctual. Yet Air is unstable and capricious, blowing gently as a summer breeze in one moment and blasting... Continue Reading →

Illumen Winter 2020

        The poem ‘To the Quarry’  appears in Tyree Campbell’s Illumen, Winter 2020. Perhaps inspired by Hawkwind’s Space Ritual and, like many of my poems,  the Birdlip Mirror.            

Spectral Realms No. 12

        The poem ‘A Witch in the House’  appears in S. T. Joshi’s  Spectral Realms 12. This was composed using an aleatory system of rhetorical strategies – a series of cards randomly picked from a pile with various poetic devices and suggestions. Thank you S.T. for all your support and encouragement!  ... Continue Reading →

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