Eye to the Telescope January 2019

      Nine to Camalodunum appears in Issue 31  of Eye to the Telescope January 2019 Crossroads edited by Heather Moser       In the Roman province of Britannia, during Boudicca’s rebellion of 61 AD, a detachment of the Ninth Legion (Hispania) marched from Lincoln (Lindum Colonia) to relieve the city of Colchester... Continue Reading →


Darkling’s Beasts and Brews: Poetry with a Drink on the Side

My Poem New Fur for Old Skin appears in Darkling's Beasts and Brews: Poetry with a Drink on the Side Welcome to the Machlelf Cemetery! Featuring your favorite graveyard host, Darkling introduces you to some of the beasts and creatures roaming around Lycan Valley and shares many of her favorite recipes and concoctions from Darkling's... Continue Reading →

Rivet issue 15: Beneath the Ice

      Rivet 15 Since 2014, Rivet Journal has published authors from around the U.S. and the world. From first-timers to award-winners, Rivet brings together some of the most exciting writers working today. In each issue, you’ll find writing that revels in the unexpected and rewards with imagination and insight. Rivet also publishes provocative visual and... Continue Reading →

Star*line 41.4

      My  poem wOLF FLOw appears in Star*line 41.4 edited by Vince Gotera       Star*Line is the official newsletter and network instrument of the SFPA, established in 1978. It is a venue for speculative (including science-fiction, fantasy, and horror) poets and poetry enthusiasts, and features interviews, articles, reviews, member news and... Continue Reading →

Mirror Dance Autumn 2018

      My poem, Lover's  Leap appears in the Autumn 2018 edition of Mirror Dance     In those wooded silent places on warm summer nights geological time, pre-history, ancient history, and the present all intertwined like the wild creepers and vines growing over the trees. I thought I could grow roots deep into... Continue Reading →

Untimely Frost

 /…/ UNTIMELY FROST: Poetry Unthawed The beauty and sadness of words clutches at the heart like the cold hand of Death. Images of darkness close in on us as we feel the anguish of life’s final moments. The darkness is beautiful and yet terrifying, calling on the strongest emotions for survival. This collection of poetry... Continue Reading →

Spectral Realms 8

A Weird Poetry Journal Edited by S. T. Joshi No. 8 (Winter 2018) 133 pages ISBN 9781614982197 ISSN 2333-4215 Wraparound cover art: “Cave Dwellers” by Mutartis Boswell. This eighth issue of Spectral Realms features a diverse array of poetry from the pens of such acclaimed poets as Adam Bolivar, Ashley Dioses, K. A. Opperman, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Ann... Continue Reading →

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