Dreams & Nightmares 111

  dreams and nightmares  
  The poem Waiting for Gretel appears in Dreams and Nightmares 111 edited by David C. Kopaska-Merkel


  Dreams and Nightmares 111 (January, 2019)





Allen K. cover

From the Brain Stem

Denny Marshall, Four-legged Alien

Holly Lyn Walrath, An Unknowing Breach of the Law

Lauren McBride, “New Earth’s many moons”

David Lunde, Do Not Address Your Gods

Sandra Lindow, Sex and the Theory of Everything

Ann K. Schwader, “Voyager outbound”

Robert Borski, Tower of Babel (redux)

Ken Poyner, The Anachronism’s Lament

Marge Simon, Infiltration

Deborah L. Davitt, Under the Ice

C.R. Harper, “Feast of St. George”

Wade German, Somniloquy

David C. Kopaska-Merkel & Kendall Evans, “rain-slick streets run”

G. O. Clark, Production Values

Vince Gotera, To the Solar System

Steve Rasnic Tem, The Night Arrives

Allen K., illo

Oliver Smith, Waiting for Gretel

F. J. Bergmann, Finale

Vince Gotera, All-Father

Denny Marshall, Oval Sphinxes

Holly Day, The Wheel

Robert Frazier, My Wife in the Bush of Ghosts

Marie Vibbert, On the Blackrock Road

Bruce McAllister, Turtle Man

Denny Marshall, Orbiting Spheres

F. J. Bergmann, With Benefits




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