Songs of Eretz Poetry Review

  03-19 Gull of the Forest  
  The poem Castle, Rook, and Raven appears in Songs of Eretz Poetry Review MARCH/APRIL 2019 “FANTASY & FAIRYTALE” ISSUE.


Like ‘Lost Palace, Lighted Tracks’ in Eye to the Telescope 33 this is a chess themed poem, but this time based on an Arthurian legend.


  Table of Contents

A Letter from the Editor

An Apology from the Editor-in-Chief


Carol Stevens Kner

“How to Write a Fairy Tale”

Vivian Finley Nida

“Dear Goldilocks”

Charles A. Swanson

“Who Doesn’t like an Ogre?”


Al-don Schraeder

“Speck of Red”

Sylvia Cavanaugh

“Skipping Stone”

Sandy Longley

“The Big Bad Wolf Explains”

Karla Linn Merrifield

“To the Kingdom Within”

Terri Lynn Cummings

“Little Bird”

Al-don Schraeder

“Ode to a Grecian Egg”

Charles A. Swanson

“Granny’s Legend of the Thistle”

Al-don Schraeder

“The Anti-Phoenix”

Russell Hemmell

“The Silent Witness”

James Frederick William Rowe


Anne E. Johnson

“Sacrifice as Triumph”

Steven Wittenberg Gordon

“Soul Devourers”

Oliver Smith

“Castle, Rook, and Raven”

Jennifer Crow

“[the cruelty of the exquisite]”

Charles A. Swanson


Alessio Zanelli

“The Thread Seeker”

R.S. Mason

“Elegy for a Sunken City”

Wade J. McMahon

“The Wraith’s Tale”

James Frederick William Rowe

“Like Panther Proud”

Poetry Review

The Smallest Muscle in the Human Body by Alberto Álvaro Ríos

Reviewed by Vivian Finley Nida

Frequent Contributor News







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